I Stole It, I Borrowed It, I Broke It: 4 Residency Unlimited Artists

I Stole It, I Borrowed It, I Broke It: 4 Residency Unlimited Artists

Artists: Anne Percoco, Edward Schexnayder, Kate Shaw and Eve K. Tremblay

An exhibition curated by Natalia Mount and hosted by the Stephan Stoyanov Gallery (formerly LUXE), 29 Orchard St. NYC.



The relationship between artists’ production and audience reception is largely framed by the hierarchy of the art world nexus. The linguistic message of this exhibition is loosely identified under the title “I Stole It, I Borrowed It, I Broke It.” The title is arbitrary and it hints at the notion that the discourse created between artists and audience is based on the fact that both parties participate in visual communication by IDENTIFYING concepts, objects, instances and desires.

While artists identify points of interest and desire in their work, they do not label the meanings that constitute the message. The meaning that the four artists in the show have assigned to their work is brought from the unconscious to the conscious by isolating and identifying signs that constitute messages. The site that the artwork is presented in, the context that the work is shown in, and the curatorial text which aims to interpret images and visual signs, are all factors that mediate the relationship between artists and audience.

This form of visual communication allows the viewer to isolate and identify the iconic, symbolic and indexical signs that forms the fluid reception and interpretation of the artwork. This process is only available to the viewer because the route to identification is reliant on the interstice, the in-between spaces that lie within our consciousness and subconsciousness. Throughout this process of meditation on art, undoubtedly learned through experience, the viewer activates a partially subconscious routine: they are at once in touch with the immediate presence of the work, while its signification is revealed to them via the interstice.

Anne Percoco, Edward Schexnayder, Kate Shaw and Eve K. Tremblay are currently artists in residency in New York. Their respective practices present an array of media and forms and create engaging, symbolic, resounding works that peak the imagination and lie in the memory, in between consciousness and reality.

These four artists investigate and use sign systems to represent and convey feelings, thoughts, ideas and ideologies. We, the audience, participate in visual communication that is tested against our responses to identify patterns of meaning and construction. Encountering objects, situations, and errata in a context specific to the gallery space constructs a reality and imaginative world which we are invited to explore.

 As a New York based non profit arts service organization Residency Unlimited (www.residencyunlimited.org) is dedicated to supporting artists and curators in residency. We are grateful to the Stephan Stoyanov gallery for graciously hosting this show and to its director Natalia Mount for curating this show.

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