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From 2007 until 2012, I was the Executive Director of the Redhouse Arts Center, a nonprofit, multi-arts organization dedicated to interdisciplinary works in theatre, music, and visual art. 

When I took this position, the organization was in both leadership and public image crisis. For the duration of only five short years and in my capacity as the Executive Director and Chief Curator, I was able to transform completely this struggling organization, into a highly respected international arts center, known for the production and presentation of new and experimental work. As such, it remains a vibrant resource for local, national and international communities in Syracuse and beyond.

In my first year at Redhouse, I raised over one million in funding for operations and programs and strategically improved financials, funding and operations practices and processes. I developed local, national and International partnerships with like-minded institutions and community partners.

From 2010 until 2012, I was invited to serve on the Advisory Panel for New York State Council on the Arts’ Theatre Program. As a result of this appointment, I co-founded NYSCA’s Upstate/Downstate Theatre and Presenting Programs Initiative with the mission to promote collaborations between small and mid-sized NYC-based producing/presenting organizations and their upstate counterparts.

As the recipient of The Ewing Marion Kauffman Prize in Entrepreneurship, I created the first Internet radio station in Central New York, exclusively dedicated to programming in the arts, with a State-of-the-Art Radio Recording studio, on-site at the Redhouse. The station features real-time MP3 streaming and podcast archives of diverse audio programming including music, art, ideas and discussion. It explores audio as an art-form and communication platform. It celebrates the cultural life of Syracuse and surrounding areas and seeks to connect local, national, and international contemporary audio forms, and rich cultural exchanges. As the founder and director of Redhouse Arts Center, I developed partnerships with Syracuse University students, interested in careers in radio journalism and production. More specifically, I worked closely with Redhouse Art Radio programming director Joanna Spitzner, who organized the new station as part of her job as a professor of media arts at Syracuse University.

As part of my tenure with the Redhouse Arts Center, I worked closely with artists, curators, and cultural producers to conceptualize and realize exhibitions, commissions, experimental theatre works, film and music series, lectures and presentations, and arts education programs.  

Select exhibitions include: Cosmology, a solo show of Alan Singer (2007); Plug In: Computer Art, group show (2007); Cayetano Valenzuela: Collection of Stories (2008); Bedtime Stories, group show (2008); Self, House, Self, a two-person show by Marion Wilson and Michael Burkard (2008); Rebecca Murtaugh: The Sweetest Battle, (2008); Pine Nuts, 16mm film installation by Lasse Lau (2008); Inishlacken: the Last Parish, international group exhibition and public program series show (2008); Dinosaurs Had Sharp Teeth!, solo show of Chris Wildrick; HOUSE/XAYC: Hybrid Authenticity Under Construction, site-specific installation & Performance by XAYC collective (2009); Shade/Light: Red Excursion, site-specific sound installation by Patrick Blackburn (2009); Last Wishes, immersive installation by mudboy (2009); How Does Your Garden Grow, solo exhibition of Marion Dalton (2009); Crytopacalypse, solo show of DJ Rose (2010); Elegy: Society for a Dead Society (1989 – 1994), solo show of Paul Sargent (2010.)

New work commissions include: Lewis Colburn: The X-Prize and The Herotic Theory of Invention (2007); Matthew Gehring: From the Bottom of My Heart (2007); Sean Hovendick & John Wesley (AREA): Enclosed Sonic Performance (2007); Stephanie Koening: Now I am Quite Sure You Want Everything, Everything, Everything, Outta Me (2008); Marianne Dalton: Cloud Cover (2008); Inventory of Terrors, a new piano quintet written by Andrew Waggoner for “Open End” (2009); Blake Carrington: Topoextension (2009.)

Select theatre productions include: “Tongues Will Wag,” Mike Daisey/Directed by Jean-Michelle Gregory (2008); “Lovesong,” John Kolvenbach/Directed by Peter Moller (2008); “The Eaten Heart,” The Debate Society (2008); “La Tragedie de Carmen,” co-production with Syracuse Opera (2008); “Evolution,” Patricia Buckley (2009); “Intringuili,” Carlo Alban (2009); “A Thought About Raya, ” The Debate Society (2009); “Nuit Blanche” CORPUS (2009); “Radio Play” Reggie Watts & Tommy Smith (2010.)

Select film and music series include: ((Audience)) Experimental Cinema & Sound Festival (Cinema for the Eyes & Ears), (2009); Overcoming the Spectacle: A Cinema of Pure Means, curated by Lawrence Kumpft/ISSUE Project Room and including screenings of Guy Debord, Rene Vienet, Craig Baldwin, Gil Woman, Jean-Luc Godard, Jack Smith, Kurt Kren, and Dusan Makavejev (2009-2010); Art as Politics, screenings of “Predictions of Fire’’ and “Taking Down a Dictator” curated by Dusan Bjelic (2009); The Leading Edge Series contemporary classical concerts for small audiences with performances by Neil Rolnick (USA), Flexible Music (USA), Sequitur (USA), and Open End (USA) (2008-2009); Redhouse Alternatives, new music for small spaces with performances by Alva Noto & Byetone (Raster-Noton label) (DK); Ashtray Navigations/Chris Corsano & Michael Flowers (UK);  Mellits Consort” (USA);  Real Quite (USA); Zach Layton & MV Carbon (USA);  mudboy (USA); Loud Objects (USA) (2008-2009.)



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